A highly effective way of managing tinnitus

ReSound Alera TS


ReSound Alera TS™ combines advanced hearing aid technology with an innovative tinnitus sound generator. It changes tinnitus management, whether you have a hearing loss or not. With ReSound Alera TS™:

  • Your attention will be drawn away from your tinnitus
  • The disturbing tinnitus noise will be less noticeable
  • You’ll get a highly individualized solution
Combined with informed counseling, the sound generator built into ReSound Alera TS™ is recognized as a highly effective way of managing tinnitus.

Who is it for? ReSound Alera TS™ is suitable for people with and without hearing loss who suffer from tinnitus.

What does it offer?

With ReSound Alera TS™ you’ll get:

  • Unique tinnitus treatment, combining an advanced hearing aid and a customizable sound generator
  • A discreet, virtually invisible solution
  • The possibility of streaming sound from computers, TV, MP3 player or stereos directly into your ears with the wireless ReSound Unite Mini Microphone
  • If you have a hearing loss, the ability to understand speech better and localize sounds
  • A reliable, long-lasting solution with iSolate™ nanotech water-resistant coating
The ReSound Alera TS™ family
The Resound Alera TS™ family includes four hearing aid models:

  • The Small: ReSound Alera TS™ RIE 60/61 are small, slim and extremely discreet solutions
  • The Flexible: ReSound AleraTS™ RIE 62 is a small, discreet, yet fully functional instrument.
  • The Classic: ReSound Alera TS™ Mini BTE is a classic hearing aid shape in a compact and appealing design
  • The Powerful: ReSound Alera TS™ Transitional BTE is a powerful yet compact hearing aid.
  • The Custom: ReSound Alera TS™ Remote Microphone is a unique design custom-fit to the shape of the individual's ear, optimized to reduce wind noise.