Hear in Time for the Holidays!

Limited Time Offer! We need 15 people with hearing loss to try new digital hearing aids! A major name brand hearing aid manufacturer wishes to field test a remarkable new digital hearing instrument.

As our way of saying “thanks” for allowing us to introduce these new devices to you, you will receive a FREE turkey of your choice, just in time for the holidays!*

You will receive a complimentary Fiber Optic Otoscope examination. This procedure is completely painless.Your Fiber Optic Otoscope exam may reveal such common problems as:

  • Excessive ear wax
  • Damage to your ear drum
  • Fluid accumulation in your middle ear
  • Other conditions which may make it difficult for you to hear clearly

Appointments are recommended, as we expect a strong response to this offer. Call today. (888) 471-8553

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*$10 Lionshare Certificate to apply toward the purchase of a turkey.