Owner, Hearing Instrument Specialist

Les Eddy

Les Eddy

Founder and Owner

Les Eddy, HIS - Hearing Instrument Specialist - Salem, OR

Founder and owner of Advanced Hearing Services, Inc., Les Eddy continues to pursue the best technology and expert fitting available for his clients in Salem, Oregon. His 22 years of experience in the industry and his passion for people have lead him to volunteer his services to needy children in Vietnam and continue to bring his loyal clients back to see him across both state and international boundaries. Certified as a specialist by both the Oregon State and National Boards and a member of the International Hearing Society, Les is always on the look out for new ways to solve the challenges that face those who, like himself, need hearing help.

A proud U.S. Army veteran and dedicated family man, Les appreciates lively conversation, a good joke and a warm day’s ride on a Harley Davidson motorcycle—don’t forget those earplugs!